To be successful in any aspect of life, be it academics, career or family, you need to have an upbeat and positive attitude, no matter what the situation threw at you. Obstacles in life are cleared only when you have an attitude of enthusiasm, expectancy and optimism. The more opportunities you have, the more obstacles you may need to clear. A leader is someone who is able to hold a positive attitude no matter what the situation. This allows them to lead their followers through the murkiest of life’s waters successfully. There are many keys to improving your attitude and walking the path of success.

1st key: This is to always take action with purpose and reason. Think about how the action you are about to undertake will affect your goals, short term and long term. Be intentional about it.  I like to call it taking aligned action, not just any action.  If you see no purpose in doing the thing, then don’t as it wastes unnecessary energy and can hamper your productivity.

2nd key: Be courageous when taking on new things. Doing the same old thing is monotonous and lacks creativity. Stretch your limits every day. Try out new things and soon you will realize that practicing this makes you a master of the activity and it ultimately becomes a good habit.

3rd key: Take action without obsessing or expecting results. Most people work and act based on the results they feel they will achieve, and if they do not achieve the expected results, their attitude takes a hit and becomes negative. We have all heard that it is the journey that matters, not the destination. Do your best at anything you do without expecting anything.  Only then will your attitude remain positive and upbeat, which will allow you to remain happy and optimistic.

4th key: Failure is the key to success. Having a positive attitude after suffering failure or a setback is the best way to bounce back and continue on the path to success. Do not become disheartened by failure, instead work harder with renewed motivation and you will achieve success like never before. Look back at your actions, reflect on them and try to see what you can do better now or how you can improve your past actions. Results guide you to success and failure may be a part of these results.

5th key: Seek out the company of people who share a positive and healthy attitude toward life. As the famous saying goes you are the sum of the 5 people you spend most time with.  This is because the brain automatically mirrors the behaviour of the people you surround yourself with. Making sure you are in the company of positive and optimistic people will help you to work through negativity and you will see that the pleasure of good company fuels you and motivates you to be successful.

6th key: Forgiveness is a huge part of having a positive attitude. It is what makes us human. To forgive and to forget is one of the most positive things people can do for others and for themselves. Forgive any limitations that may be present in other people.

7th key: Thanking a person is also a good habit and promotes a positive attitude among people. These are some of the keys that can help a person develop good habits and to have a positive attitude to become successful in life.


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