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Hey Awesome Lady, I am so thrilled you found our virtual home and that you have decided to drop in.  The doors are always open to amazing women like you who have a deep desire to show the world what they can do, to make something of themselves, more than that to really truly have an impact, and leave their mark on this world!  I hear you, I know you crave more that is why I created this online home for like-minded women who want a freedom based life, a life and business on terms!

I am here to tell you ladies, you can have it ALL as a Mother, a business and a family, time and money, health, freedom and fulfilment.  And not just any business but a profitable thriving one.  One that you absolutely love and adore, because it doesn’t feel like work when you are living your purpose!  Hence why you always hear me saying ‘love what you do and do what you love’. Being successful in business doesn’t mean you can’t ace it as a mom, or a wife too for that matter. 

For far too long we have been socially programmed to believe we have to choose one or the other.  We are taught it is wrong to want more and are made to feel bad for it, you know that feeling, you love your kids, your family, your friends, of course you do, no-one is questioning that, but you need to feel fulfilled, you are entitled to a life too, to live how you want, be financially free, fulfil your destiny. 

So no more apologising for it, no more feeling ashamed for your success, no more feeling guilty, crying because you feel like a failure as a mom because your idiot boss refused to let you go to your kids school play this year AGAIN.  That all stops today!  We live in an age where anything is possible.  It’s time to have it all, to create the freedom based life and business you desire, life on your terms!

That is why here at LKM Coaching you will feel the support, inspiration and motivation of other female entrepreneurs who are in the same boat.  So whether you are simply exploring the idea of creating your own business, or are ready to scale your empire.  Maybe you are a woman in business aspiring to be a mom someday.  Maybe you are someone struggling with a constant battle of chronic illness. No matter where you are, I’ve got you covered. 

Here at LKM Coaching we understand that when you feel accomplished, when you enjoy your work, when you create that business of your dreams, not only you thrive, your family benefits too, and I don’t just mean financially.  That happiness is contagious, everyone feels more harmonious.  But I am not naïve enough to believe that birthing or building a business alongside raising kids is a stroll in the park, and that it isn’t without its trials and challenges.  But all of these can be overcome with the help and support of other working moms going through the same thing.  I am a great believer that Empowered women empower women.  We are here to lift each other up, one hurdle at a time with kids in tow.

So if you are ready to have it all, fulfilment and flexibility, family and success, and do so without the stress and headaches, tears and tantrums, then I’m here to help you on this journey to tame the tech, and take you from overworked and overwhelmed to one seriously productive mamma. And it all becomes possible when we work on our 4 critical pillars: mindset, wellness, productivity and business strategy.

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I am a Transformational Coach who uses a range of certifications and skills like Life & Wellness Coaching, Productivity, Mindset and Success Principles to help you lovely women create that freedom based life.  I take a transformational approach to my business coaching and I believe success is determined in business by much more than simply marketing or sales.  In fact 80% of success is attributed to mindset.  That being said it doesn’t hurt to have the right foundations in place and a solid strategy that works for you.  Not to mention striking that perfect work / life balance!


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marketing & sales

Everything you need to market your online business from building your list to social media, PR to collaborations, and everything in between.

You can not be a top industry leader and the world’s best kept secret! 

If you aren’t making sales and bringing in the cash then you have an expensive hobby, not a business.  Let me show you how to get your head in the game, overcome any objections, get visible and sell sell sell even as an introvert.

It’s time to turn your passion into profit!


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Clients Testimonials

I cannot recommend Lisa enough!  I’m not technical minded at all and Lisa not only set up my website with everything she knew I needed but also provided a video showing me how to go into my site and write my own content.  If I was ever unsure or stuck she helped me without fuss and showed great patience. 5 star service.

Tanya Cunningham

Holistic Esthetician & Organic Skincare Owner, KD & EL Natural Organics

You absolutely amaze me in the best way possible! I can’t believe how much knowledge you have for different things!!

Amy Smith

Marriage Counsellor

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Helen Jones

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